Tuesday, July 21, 2009

letter with the sense to save RHINO

Dear Mr Mabunda We the undersigned, ask you to please re consider your decision to sell 200 to 350 rhino from Kruger Park. With the increase in poaching this is not a wise decision. Especially since most of the rhino are to be sold to hunting farms. Many dedicated people which include many of your staff and SANParks spent many hours and years of dedication to increasing the reduced rhino populations. To now assist in wiping out the rhino population yet again is not a wise decision. There seem to be no figures of the actual populations of the rhino in Kruger available. There is also no scientific papers to ensure that removing this many Rhino from the parks will not have a serious negative effect on the remaining rhino populations in the parks. Conservation should be paid for from the national budget, and SANParks should not be turning wild animals into mere commodities to raise funds. Bad management is also not an excuse. The latest debacle with the rhino sold to John Hume, is an example of mismanagement. The farm should have been inspected for suitability to place rhino, this was not done with a result 10 rhino died. This was only the start of the sale and re-location what will happen to the other 300 you want to sell and move. Hector Magome, executive director of conservation services at Sanparks, said the game park did not have a legal duty to see to the welfare of the animals after they were sold. Hector Magome also said, "However, we do feel ethically responsible for these animals, and therefore we screen prospective buyers carefully. If a buyer has let us down once, we'll never sell rhinos to him again." As responsible citizens we can not allow this kind of thing to happen. We would not be as outraged if the animals were re-located to other reserves. But to sentence them to death by sending them to hunting farms just to make money is shocking. I know SANParks said that they would use the profits from the rhino sales to buy more land for conservation and to initiate special conservation projects. The word conservation stands out in that sentence, selling rhino to hunters does not fit with the word conservation, conservation means preserving, conserving, you are custodians (custodians are protectors of). So how can one be seen to be conservationists if you are destroying the very creatures you are commissioned to protect. We would like this issue resolved as soon as possible. Please sign teh PETITION found here.. http://www.thepetit ionsite.com/ 1/save-rhino- from-being- sold-to-huntersand read more info here.... http://scorerjanine blog.blogspot. com/ Proof that John Hume hunts on his premises Please Note This Is Sensitive Viewing white rhino: http://www.africatr ophyhunting. com/TrophyRoom. asp?sf=8& PageStack= %2FTrophies. asp%3Fsf% 3D8&Id=56Black rhino: http://www.africatr ophyhunting. com/TrophyRoom. asp?sf=8& PageStack= %2FTrophies% 2Easp%3Fsf% 3D8&Id=55Sabel: http://www.africatr ophyhunting. com/TrophyRoom. asp?sf=8& PageStack= %2FTrophies% 2Easp%3Fsf% 3D8&Id=10. .. And a article refrencing john as owner of mauricedale: http://www.int. iol.co.za/ index.php? set_id=1& click_id= 13&art_id= ct20000625205215 317R500996Please note these are shocking images to many .. have a good day all

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